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World’s lightest. Consumes 25-45% less power. Offers a more natural, wider light distribution than LEDs.


Next generation LED lighting and product lineup of the LED light.

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The catalog PDF of solana is downloadable.

T8 LED fluorescent tube SOLANA-LED40J

The most high level luminous efficiency (lm/w) of the industry

Brightness 1500lm
Consumption electricity 16w
Industry most high level of 94 lm/w

(Include the consumption electricity of the power supply by the bundle of rays of the LED source of light)

LED adoption from the Japanese maker

It is LED adoption made from Japanese Nichia Kagaku Kogyo.


Development and production of Japan

The production, inspection and secure a high quality in Japan. For all other development and production will produce in Japan local (board implementation, assembling, inspection)

Use the constant power supply adoption from the highest standard industry

86-88% of AC → DC conversion efficiencies, PSE acquisition, IP66 is same level with EMI clear. In addition, there is not a flicker.

What is the flicker?
Affect flicker by the change of the voltage

Dazzle reduction from the new type. Polycarbonate light pipe adoption

By special shape slit and diffusion materials combination, make it top-class for light distribution properties. You do not have to worry about broken like a fluorescent lamp.

Development and production of Japan

The custom menu which made by our factory.
Please feel free to ask anything.

Custom example

Clasp angle change
Other color except the standard color
High output model (2600lm model) etc...

Various examinations and insurance

SOLANA-LED is confirmed safety by carry out an EMI check and various examinations voluntarily. In addition, the PL insurance has been joined just in case.

Flicker has been taken measures

Because SOLANA-LED always turns on, and it may not feel flickering same as the normal LED.


Emission of light lineup

5000K Cool White

3500K White

LED fluorescent tube SOLANA-40ND40LED-3 lamp specifications





External form dimensions

φ27mm L1198mm ( Not include a tang )


Approximately 255g

Source of light

LED made from Nichia Kagaku Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Rating life

50,000 hours

Total flux

1500lm / 2000 lm *1 *2

Color rendering


Light distribution angle


Consumption electricity
( included power supply )

16w±1w efficiency94lm / w
17w±1w efficiency117lm / w

Recommended temperature range

0 - 40℃ *3

*1 In the case of 5000K, when color temperature is different, it fluctuates.
*2 Bundle of rays of the source of light. Approximately 3% decrease from thin transparent cover and approximately 10% from semitransparent cover.
*3 Please refrain from the use out of the recommended temperature range because they have an influence on the product life.

Product lineup of the LED light

  • LED bulb(5W)

  • LED bulb(7W)

  • LED bulb(12W)

  • LED PAR Lamp

  • LED meta
    stomach lamp

  • LED street light

  • LED tube

  • LED Down Light

  • LED Down Light

  • LED Panel

  • LED Panel Light

  • LED Panel Light

  • Cerameta

  • Cerameta

  • Cerameta

  • LED Panel Light

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