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What is Solana


Solana is a next generation, eco-friendly, CCFL-based light developed to be “inexpensive, long-lasting, and providing the best quality light.”

Interest in environmentally friendly products has grown in recent years, and demand for energy efficient lighting increases day by day. Our response was to develop Solana, a next generation lighting alternative designed to provide consumers with inexpensive, long-lasting natural light. Solana is based on CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) technology, which has a proven track record in backlights for liquid crystal displays.

Solana lamps and light fixtures are environmentally friendly. They save space and energy, require little maintenance, and help cut CO2 emissions. And their use can lead to saving resources as well. Solana has the same brightness and CRI as fluorescent lights, so there is no noticeable difference between it and the fluorescent lights you are used to?making it perfect for indoor lighting.

Seven Advantages of Solana

  • Long 50,000-hours lifespan
  • Great CRI
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Cuts UV rays
  • Low cost
  • No glare
  • Light weight

What is CCFL?

CCFL stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp.
Although most people have never actually seen one, they are used a variety of every day consumer electronics such LCD TVs and monitors.
CCFL technology has been around for over 30 years.

A more detailed look at the advantages of  energy-efficient Solana lights over standard fluorescent lights.

Power consumption
CO2 Emissions
Cuts UV rays

Solana is a Japanese brand developed in Japan.

Research and development for Solana products is conducted in Japan.
All production, practiced by Japanese technicians to ensure the highest quality. Ageing tests, visual inspection, and power consumption tests are performed on all products before shipping, so you can be confident they are safe and reliable.

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