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World’s lightest. Consumes 25-45% less power. Offers a more natural, wider light distribution than LEDs.


Next generation LED lighting and product lineup of the LED light.

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50,000-hour lifespan that means no replacement costs for 10 years. (*1)

Power consumption is only 25.5W that is 25-53% more energy efficient
than fluorescent lamps. (*2)

It has a light distribution angle of 220°, making it perfect for indoor lighting. (*3)

Illumination is nearly the equal to that of fluorescent lamps.

Radiates less UV rays, hence reduces the attraction of insects.

Uses high quality CCFL utilized in LCD products to provide a gentle,
natural light with no glare.

Uses RGB three-band CCFL with an Ra of 86 for a clear,
natural light (Ra is the general color rendering index)

Uses improved polycarbonate "crystal tubes".

Ultra-lightweight. Including the power supply unit and the inverter, it weighs only 330g.

*1. Assuming 10 hours/day of use. *2. Depends on the type of fluorescent lamp. *3. Light source is 360°.

  • Choose from 3 colors
  • Cool White
  • Natural White
  • Warm White

Clasp diameter (metal) φ 30 which is the same as a fluorescent lamp

We’ve built in our micro chip inverter, power supply circuit & safety circuit, Super lightweight.

Won’t break or shatter even if stepped on or driven over by a car.

High-performance CCFL from Japan.

SOLANA-FD40X Specifications

Model number





φ29 straight tube

Outer material

Improved polycarbonate

External dimensions

φ=29mm L=1198mm



Light source

2 φ4 CCFLs

Designed lifespan

50,000 Hours

Total luminous flux

2100lm ±10% *1



Light distribution angle


Power consumption

25.5W ± 1

Rated voltage

AC100V - 240V (50 / 60Hz)

Recommended temperature range

0~40℃ *2

*1 Number applies to light source. Total luminous flux of the actual product is about 10% less.
*2 Can be used within a temperature range of -20 to 60° C; however, continuous use in temperatures below freezing or above 40° C may adversely affect its lifespan.

Waterproof test video?holds up well in water

Solana durability test vide?does not break even if run over by a car

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