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CCFL stands for Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

solana Product Line Up


World’s lightest. Consumes 25-45% less power. Offers a more natural, wider light distribution than LEDs.


Next generation LED lighting.

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The problem with LED tubes is they do not illuminate a wide area, and there is no point in having a light that is bright only under the lamp for indoor lighting. Solana provides uniform brightness that illuminates the entire room.

LED tubes produce a “pseudo-white” color created by combining a blue LED with yellow phosphor, but the color is not natural. Solana CCFL tubes use a three-band light source to produce a clear, natural white light identical to that of fluorescent lights.

LED brightness can be increased by boosting the amount of power supplied; however, this also increases the amount of heat generated. And this buildup of heat can shorten the lifespan of LEDs.

Many companies interested in saving energy are switching to Solana. Show moreShow All

A month after we installed Solana lights, our 50,000 yen / month electric bill dropped by half.

They are not simply on par with LED lights, they outstrip them in several areas.

Electricity costs have dropped, and our customers stay nearly 20 minutes longer.

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